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Uponor Supra Plus 40x3,7 /140

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Flexible, a self-contained, self-compensating plastic piping system. Supra Plus can be used for cold water or pressure analyzes in areas where there is a risk of pipeline humidification. Composed of pressure pipes with external self-regulating heating cable in green and PE tube for insertion of sensor. Power supply on one side with max. length of the pipeline is 150 m.

Pipe: Polyethylene PE 80 (25-63mm) and PE 100 (75-110mm), SDR 11. Maximum operating temperature is 20 ºC. Max. pressure 12.5 bar (25-63 mm) and 16 bar (75-110 mm).

Insulating material: multi-layer, durable, elastic PE-X material with closed pores.

Outer shell: Limited to polyethylene (HDPE). With static load verification for heavy traffic 60 tons.