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Foamed polystyrene shell T60-30(1.2m/pcs)Tenapors

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TENAPORS T is an uncoated heat-insulating material of the shell-shaped foam polystyrene for the various types of pipe insulation.

The TENAPORS T shells are made of 1200 mm long pair couplings, which interconnect with the groove joints, which guarantees easy and safe installation and operation of the shells.

The foam polystyrene insulation sleeve has a working range of -80 to + 80 ° C, so TENAPORS T can be used for both hot-water pipe insulation and cold-water pipeline insulation against freezing in the ground.


1. complete leakage (water vapor does not enter the thermal insulation);

2. rapid heat insulation of pipelines;

3. long service life (50 years)

4. reduction of pipeline maintenance costs during operation;

5. Low thermal conductivity coefficient [0.036 W / (m × K)];

6. Low water absorption of the material - the insulation is not absorbed and does not suffer from moisture exposure

7. the thermal properties do not deteriorate over time

8. the installation of thermal insulation shells does not require a high qualification of the workers and these works can also be done by the individual builders themselves;

9. Eco-friendly material.

10. Can be painted with acrylic paint


Warm and cold water, central heating, sewage, ventilation, etc. pipe insulation (basements, attic, underground), as well as insulation of surface and underground main pipelines.

Technical characteristics:

Thermal conductivity coefficient = 0.035 W / (m · K),


<5 vol%


The TENAPORS T shell assembly process is very simple. The pairs of shell segments of the appropriate size are applied to a pipe with a 10-20 cm cross-section and in one, two places, fastened with reinforced tape. If necessary, the lids can also be covered with PPS or PVC coating materials. As well as the shells can be painted with acrylic paints, latex or water emulsion paints (e.g., as a distinctive sign for warm and cold water).