The company AKVEDUKTS is one of the most stable and reliable wholesalers of the garden goods, the heating equipment and the water supply equipment in Latvia and the Baltic States. It offers the market modern goods that comply with the highest quality standards and requirements.

AKVEDUKTS Ltd. was established at the end of 1994. The expansion of its activities led to the foundation of related companies AKVEDUKT OU in Estonia in 1997, and NAURISA - AKVEDUKTS UAB in Lithuania in 1998.


A well-considered and timely work strategy lies at the bases of the company's successful operation and development. The annually growing turnover, that reached more than 17,5 million euros in 2018, serves as a convincing acknowledgement of the successfully started and realized projects.

The local, municipal and regional enterprises, as well as trade, industrial, construction and assembling organizations all over Latvia have been among the regular clients of the company for many years. A significant part of the commodity turnover is constituted by single orders of various companies and projects. Individual approach to both the partners and the existing and potential clients forms the basis of a successful long-term cooperation.


Quality, reliability and safety are the main values that guarantee successful cooperation and partnership. AKVEDUKTS has always followed the latest technological achievements and the existing demands in its business sphere, thus becoming a reliable wholesaler of world-known brands not only in Latvia but all over the Baltic states.


Strictly following the EU standards and the latest technological achievements, AKVEDUKTS Ltd. has set a goal to become the leading wholesaler of specialized heating and water supply equipment and the garden goods in the Baltic States.

Since spring 2005, the wholesale has been organized in the company's territory located in Kekava civil parish, Riga district with the aim to ensure the future growth possibilities and reach the optimum logistics. The total area of AKVEDUKTS office and warehouse amounts to 6100 m2 but the external territory meant for the disposition of goods covers 4000m2 .

A competent, reliable, motivated and loyal staff is the main value of the company. Initially, only three people worked for AKVEDUKTS. Today their number has increased to 70, but he first seven employees are still working there and loyally doing their job for the company.


An open-minded management team, competent personnel and annually growing sales let AKVEDUKTS occupy one of the leading positions among the wholesalers working in the industry.