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Privacy policy

The Personal Data Processing Manager and the Processor is AS Akvedukts (hereinafter Akvedukts), reg. No. 40003236340, address: "Akvedukti", Krustkalni, Ķekava Parish, Ķekava County, LV-2111, phone: 67606390, website:, e-mail for communication:

Personal Data Protection Law: "Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person." For acquiring and maintaining its business, as much as is necessary for the fulfilment of specific, clearly defined and legitimate objectives, Akvedukts can obtain and process various personal data about its employees, employees of clients and partners of companies, clients as private persons, and indirectly, also for other individuals who are not directly related to the company's operations. Personal data that is collected and processed by Akvedukts will depend on the purpose and type of acquisition, and can be as follows: name, surname, date of birth, personal identity number, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, banking details, identity documents, dependent information platforms, medical certificate confirmation of compliance with the duties to be performed, video record, photo, car number, website visitor cookies.

Types of physical data acquisition methods

Akvedukts receives the following data: upon the receipt of a person's application for announcing a vacancy, by concluding and maintaining an employment contract by obtaining authorisation from other persons with included personal data, receiving information about the service provider's representative or employee, by post and e-mail communication, video surveillance of Akvedukts, maintaining the website, registering users of the website with wider access rights and functions, in other similar cases.

Personal data storage and processing

The personal data collected by Akvedukts is stored both in paper format and in the information system, Akvedukts in the specified, safe place and manner and with the storage period as prescribed by the applicable laws and/or Akvedukts. Access to the data obtained by the person concerned is only available to the authorised persons of Akvedukts by regulating the amount of data available for viewing or processing. The use of natural person data for direct marketing purposes to give notification of Akvedukts newsletters and to send individual offers is only possible if the individual's consent to receive such information has been received.

Disclosure of personal data

Akvedukts will respect the confidentiality of privacy data. Disclosure of personal data to third parties is only permitted in cases where it is necessary for the conducting of business - for the conclusion of contracts, execution of functions by authorisation or in other legitimate cases. Akvedukts will not disclose data of physical persons to third parties in cases where there is no legal basis for it or if the consent of the natural person for the transfer of their data to a third person has not been received.

Your rights

You have the right to obtain information about the personal data processed by Akvedukts, the nature of their acquisition and processing, the legal justification for processing, and the accuracy of the data stored. In the case that you need to add, correct, delete information about your content in your personal data, the Akvedukts system requires your submission to the data processing manager. After consideration of the application, the actions indicated in the submission will be carried out, or information about legal restrictions, which does not allow the fulfilment of any of the applicant's requirements, will be sent.

You can withdraw your consent for direct marketing by sending an application to the data controller or by making appropriate changes to the profile of the registered website of the user environment (if you are a user registered on this site).

Web site and use of cookies

The Akvedukts website uses cookies (small text files) that it saves on your computer or mobile device when you open It helps for the site to remember your username and settings with which you have chosen to view the site so that they do not need to be redefined every time. Cookies make it easier to browse regularly visited sites, while the site maintainer helps build and maintain website visitor information without identifying a specific person and without violating privacy rights.

Enabling of cookies is not required for to work, but it will provide you with a better browsing experience. For more information on disabling, controlling and deleting cookies, visit:

The website can be visited by both unregistered users and registered users. Registered or unregistered user status does not change the use of cookies.

Cookies used on the website:

-               session cookies that are required to run the system in a registered user environment. This cookie allows us to remember what items are in the shopping cart, what username the visitor has logged in with, the visiting history (so that the system knows which page to return to), and similar things. These cookies are deleted by closing the browser.

-               a language cookie that stores the user interface language. This cookie does not contain information that can identify a visitor. The cookie remains in the browser for one month after the last visit.

-               an authorisation cookie that stores customer identity information. This cookie is only created if the visitor chooses "Save password". If a customer logs in at a certain time using the "Logout" function, then this cookie is deleted. Without a visit, this cookie remains in the browser for 10 years (!).

Important! None of these cookies are used to gather information about the user's visiting habits!

We are informing you that the site uses Google Analytics, a program developed by Google Inc., which also places its cookies and tracks the user. This service improves the efficiency of the site by providing information about the site's visitors in general - the countries from which the site is visited, applications, devices, age of users, etc., but does not identify each individual site visitor. No extra identifiable data is sent from, except for those sent automatically by Google Analytics. We also invite you to familiarise yourself with Google's privacy policy.   You can opt-out of collecting information from Google Analytics by downloading and installing the browser's add-on.

By registering with, the system keeps your name, e-mail address and phone number, as well as the necessary information about your company. Information about the date of birth is optional. Required information is needed for your authorised user environment, for connecting to the company represented and for operational communication during future cooperation. Showing birthday data allows the site to congratulate you on your birthday to a registered user environment. When registering, it is possible to confirm/decline the receipt of direct marketing messages at the specified e-mail address. You can change the birthday date and direct marketing settings in the registered user environment in the settings section. Refusal to receive direct marketing communications does not apply to the receipt of emails that are linked to conducting the business of Akvedukts and the company you represent - receipt of order confirmations, information on significant changes in system operation, etc.

After the first registration, the original user's password is sent to the specified email address. After the first connection, the registered user should change the password that was originally assigned to a secure, user-only login password for the registered user. Akvedukts does not store information about the passwords; in the case of loss, a written request for a new first-time user password is required.

Deleting a registered user. It is possible in 3 cases - at the written request of the user itself, at the written request of the management company represented, as well as in the case of termination of the cooperation agreement with the represented companies, if the system detects prolonged interruption of use (determined by the Akvedukts internal rules). In this case, all personal data stored for registration at will be deleted.

Akvedukts Websites may have links to third-party websites. Akvedukts is not responsible for the privacy policies of third-party websites listed on these links, as it may be different from Akvedukts obligations regarding personal data processing practices and confidentiality.

Privacy policy updates

Akvedukts reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Akvedukts recommends the periodical review of these changes to the Privacy Policy.