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Pipe insulation 108x80 1m/pcs ROCKWOOL

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Stone wool shell ROCKWOOL 800 can be used as heating and hot water pipe insulation and cold water pipe insulation from water vapor condensation. Shell covered with reinforced aluminum foil (on which is written the name, diameter and insulation thickness) with a self-adhesive edge (over the entire shell length). The presence of a small amount of chloride in the system elements will reduce steel corrosion risk. Thanks to internal cuts, the shell is much easier to assemble on the pipes.

Technical characteristics:

Density: about 100 kg/ m3; EN 1602

Reaction to fire: A1L-s1, d0; EN 13501-1

Maximum operating temperature: +250°C; EN 14706,

Water vapor diffusion equivalent air layer thickness> 200 m; 

EN 12086

The thermal conductivity coefficient:

λD [W/mK]: 0,037 (50°С); 0,044 (100°С); 0,052 (150°С)

EN 12667/ EN 13787