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AluLamellaMat b=30 1m x 8m ROCKWOOL

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The Lamella Mat is formed from strips of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation bonded on edge to a flexible outer facing. It is particularly suitable for the insulation of heating and ventilation pipework and tanks.

Technical characteristics:

Density: about 37kg /m3; EN 1602

Reaction to fire: A1L-s1, d0; EN 13501-1

Maximum operating temperature: + 250 ° C; EN 14706,

Water vapor diffusion equivalent air layer thickness> 200 m; EN 12086

The thermal conductivity coefficient: λD [W/mK]

0,040 (10°С), 0,050 (50°С); 0,065 (100°С); 0,083 (150°С), 0,106 (200°С), 0,132 (250°С)

EN 12667 / EN 13787