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Company - Privacy policy

Rules for using e-commerce

1. At the BUYER’S option, the BUYER can make an order on the website in these terms of use for e-commerce (hereinafter referred to as the terms).

2. The SELLER, on its website on the internet, where it will be possible to order goods in the order specified in the REGULATIONS, undertakes to indicate the following information: the order number of the product, the name of the product, the characteristics of the product (the size of the characteristic is established at the SELLER’S discretion); indicative quantity of goods in the SELLER’S warehouse; the current price of the item (valid for as long as the price appears on the relevant website); availability of the list of requests made on the website; other information necessary for using the internet program, for the successful execution of the order, and for obtaining a new password in the case of a lost password.

3. Upon confirmation of the TERMS, the BUYER confirms that the natural person specified on the form is authorised to place orders on behalf of the company indicated on the form and is included in the list of authorised persons in the annex to the cooperation agreement (if it has already been concluded between the SELLER and the BUYER) or will be authorised as the consignee at the time of conclusion of the contract between the BUYER and the SELLER. After the approval of the TERMS, the SELLER gives the BUYER the user's starting password and other information necessary for the transaction through e-commerce.

4. The BUYER, in its opinion, is entitled to change the user's password in the place provided for it, on the SELLER’S website; for a change of password, the BUYER does not need to submit a separate statement. The BUYER’S password is not available to the SELLER, therefore, in the event of loss, a new user's password is generated and assigned to the BUYER.

5. The SELLER identifies the BUYER by its user name and password. BUYER’S user name is a BUYERapproved, active user's email address. One system user can have one e-mail address and one system or user can register to one e-mail address. The SELLER assigns the original user password to the BUYER, which, upon approval of the TERMS by the BUYER, is sent to the BUYER at the indicated e-mail address.

6. In the event that the user represents several BUYERS, one user may have an order making and ordering environment for multiple BUYERS. In this case, the user takes full responsibility for errors that may occur without switching between the ordering environments for a particular BUYER.

7. In the case that the BUYER has no cooperation agreement with the SELLER, the password is valid until the date of conclusion of the agreement, but for not more than two months after the issuance of the password. During this term, the BUYER must carry out three orders that can be obtained upon prepayment of goods. If the specified number of orders is not made, the SELLER considers that the BUYER is not interested in cooperation and the User's password is valid for suspension.

8. The SELLER undertakes to inform the BUYER immediately upon receipt of the BUYER’S order (receipt of the order in the order book is marked with the "order accepted" mark).

9. The parties confirm that the SELLER has informed the BUYER in advance about the impossibility of exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with clause 22 of the "Provisions on the distance contract" (Regulation No. 255, 20.05.2014, Latvia). 10.08.2018

10. The order is deemed to be equivalent to a written order, considering the differences mentioned in the TERMS. In the event of a breach of this TERM, the SELLER shall compensate all losses incurred by the SELLER, including loss of profit.

11. The SELLER may refuse to execute the BUYER’S order if the goods ordered are not located in the seller's warehouse. In this case, the SELLER must inform the BUYER within 2 working days.

12. The BUYER takes full responsibility for all orders received within 1 working hour from the receipt of confirmation of the SELLER’S order referred to in paragraph 8, and also undertakes not to disclose the user's password to third parties, therefore any order made with the user's password and made after. The receipt of the confirmation of the order referred to in Paragraph 8 is binding on the BUYER and is not entitled to derogate from this order except for in accordance with the terms of the contract and to compensate the SELLER for any damage caused thereby in accordance with the procedures specified in this contract. This clause applies to all users referred to in Paragraph 3 of the TERMS.

13. If a system error causes material damage to the BUYER, the SELLER undertakes to reimburse the loss in accordance with the documented amount.

14. Any changes to the list of authorised persons, authorised on behalf of the BUYER to conduct transactions with the SELLER via e-commerce, are submitted in writing (electronically to the e-mail:, and on the basis of this application, changes are made to Clause 3, which are consequently considered as binding on the parties. If the BUYER fails to fulfil this obligation to notify the SELLER of changes in the list of authorised persons, then it assumes responsibility in accordance with Clause 12 of the TERMS.

15. Any of the SELLER’S e-commerce information is confidential and cannot be disclosed to any third party without the permission of the SELLER. If the SELLER discovers such disclosure or finds that the user's password will be transferred to third parties without the consent of the SELLER, the SELLER reserves the right, by giving notice to the BUYER, to stop the buyer's access to the SELLER’S e-commerce with this user password for an indefinite period at his or her discretion. In the event of any breach of the terms of this paragraph, in addition to the above-mentioned penalties, the BUYER undertakes to reimburse the SELLER for all losses incurred and for the loss of profits.

16. The SELLER confirms that the information provided by the BUYER on the authorised natural persons of the company will be processed and stored without violating the Personal Data Protection Law and in accordance with the AS Akvedukts privacy policy.