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Flue systems for condensing boilers

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Code   Product Pack. Unit Price EUR Img.
764191 Horizontal terminal D60/100, HR48, ALU/PPS, C13x pcs 151.25
764193 Horizontal terminal D110/150, DY881, ALU/PPS, C13x pcs 300.61
D89187 Horizontal terminal D80/125, DY882, ALU/PPS, C13x pcs 143.69
D89700 Horizontal terminal ALU/PPS 60/100 L-800mm, DY871 pcs 69.95
D89384 Concentric Vertical Terminal D60/100, DY928 (black), ALU/PPS, C33x pcs 124.78
D89151 Concentric Vertical Terminal D80/125, DY843 (black), ALU/PPS, C33x pcs 113.44
D89158 Concentric Vertical Terminal D100/150, DY845 (black), ALU/PPS, C33x pcs 158.81
D89072 Boiler connecting kit D60/100, DY702, ALU/PPS, C93x pcs 115.33
D89152 Boiler connecting kit D80/125, DY716, ALU/PPS, C93x pcs 117.22
D89720 Boiler connecting kit D110/150, DY818, ALU/PPS, C93x pcs 194.73
764231 Boiler connecting kit D80/125, DY849 (perpendicular conduit), ALU/PPS, C93x (Flex) pcs 155.03
764232 Boiler connecting kit D80/125, DY850 (vertical conduit), ALU/PPS, C93x (Flex) pcs 121.00
764246 Boiler connecting kit D80/125, DY913, ALU/PPS, B23p pcs 126.67
764247 Boiler connecting kit D110/150, DY914, ALU/PPS, B23p pcs 211.75
764163 Chimney Connection kit D80/125 to D110, DY876, PPS, C93x pcs 141.80
D89098 Chimney Connection kit D80/125 to D80, DY717, PPS, C93x pcs 115.33
D89099 Chimney Connection kit D110/150 to D110, DY177, PPS, C93x pcs 172.05
D89070 Chimney Connection kit D60/110 to D60, DY700, PPS, C93x set 115.33
D89071 Chimney Connection kit D60/110 to D80, DY701, PPS, C93x pcs 132.34
764234 Chimney Connection kit D80/125 to D80, DY895, PPS, C93x (Flex) set 172.05
D89074 Chimney Connection kit D110/150 to D110, DY888, PPS, C93x (Flex) set 253.34
D58824 Concentric extension D60/100 500mm, DY681, ALU/PPS pcs 37.81
D58825 Concentric extension D60/100 1000mm, DY682, ALU/PPS pcs 43.48
D58826 Concentric extension D60/100 1950mm, DY683, ALU/PPS pcs 81.30
764103 Concentric extension D80/125 500mm, DY127 , ALU/PPS pcs 30.25
764104 Concentric extension D80/125 1000mm, DY128, ALU/PPS pcs 47.27
764105 Concentric extension D80/125 1950mm, DY129, ALU/PPS pcs 90.75
D89163 Concentric extension D110/150 500mm, DY811, ALU/PPS pcs 43.48
D89164 Concentric extension D110/150 1000mm, DY812, ALU/PPS pcs 66.17
764077 Concentric Elbows 15* D60/100 (2pcs), DY687, ALU/PPS set 88.86
764040 Concentric Elbows 30* D60/100 (2pcs), DY686, ALU/PPS set 88.86
D58828 Concentric Elbows 45* D60/100 (2pcs), DY685, ALU/PPS set 54.83
D58827 Concentric Elbow 87* D60/100, DY684, ALU/PPS pcs 24.58
764109 Concentric Elbows 45* D80/125 (2pcs), DY132, ALU/PPS set 62.39
764108 Concentric Elbow 87* D80/125, DY131, ALU/PPS pcs 39.70
D89232 Concentric Elbows 45* D110/150 (2pcs), DY814, ALU/PPS set 141.80
D89528 Concentric Elbow 87* D110/150, DY813, ALU/PPS pcs 81.30
764192 Concentric stright inspection D60/100, DY689, ALU/PPS pcs 71.84
764194 Concentric stright inspection pipe D80/125, DY124, ALU/PPS pcs 68.06
D89159 Concentric stright inspection pipe D110/150, DY815, ALU/PPS pcs 85.08
764079 Concentric inspection Tee D60/100, DY737, ALU/PPS pcs 90.75
764106 Concentric inspection Tee D80/125, DY125, ALU/PPS pcs 88.86
764113 Concentric inspection Tee D110/150, DY816, ALU/PPS pcs 122.89
764117 Concentric inspection elbow D80/125, DY875, ALU/PPS pcs 81.30
764159 Water tightness plate D125 (flat roof), CX51 pcs 24.58
D89162 Water tightness plate D150 (flat roof), CX103 pcs 34.03
764110 Red roof tile 25/35° ,CX83 pcs 62.39
764111 Red roof tile 35/55°, CX84 pcs 79.41
764112 Internal finishing plate D125, CX72 pcs 24.58
764161 Internal finishing plate D150, CX115 pcs 13.23
764158 Fastening collar D150, CX111 pcs 7.56
764038 Concentric compenasation sleeve D60/100, DY688, ALU/PPS pcs 64.28
764039 Concentric compenasation sleeve D80/125, DY130, ALU/PPS pcs 51.05
D89096 Concentric adapter D60/100-80/125mm, DY708, ALU/PPS pcs 41.59
D58809 Extension D60, 500mm (2pcs), DY690, PPS set 20.80
D58810 Extension D60, 1000mm (2pcs), DY691, PPS set 28.36
D58811 Extension D60, 1950mm (2pcs), DY692, PPS set 47.27
D89104 Single Extensions D80 250mm (2pcs), DY613, PPS set 20.80
D89105 Single Extensions D80 500mm (2pcs), DY614, PPS set 22.69
D89106 Single Extensions D80 1000mm (2pcs), DY615, PPS set 41.59
D89108 Single Extensions D80 1950mm (2pcs), DY150, PPS set 52.94
D89165 Single Extension D110 500mm, DY180, PPS pcs 17.02
D89166 Single Extension D110 1000mm, DY179, PPS pcs 24.58
D89167 Single Extension D110 1950mm, DY178, PPS pcs 51.05
764167 Single Elbows 45* D60 (2pcs), DY694, PPS set 30.25
764166 Single Elbow 87*, D60, DY693, PPS pcs 11.34
D89112 Single Elbows 45* D80 (2pcs), DY154, PPS set 22.69
D89110 Single Elbow 87*, D80, DY152, PPS pcs 11.34
D89170 Single Elbows 45* D110 (2pcs), DY182, PPS set 34.03
764183 Single Elbow 87*, D110, DY181, PPS pcs 17.02
764164 Inspection sleeve single D60, DY698, PPS pcs 39.70
D89100 Inspection sleeve single D80, DY146, PPS pcs 39.70
764165 Single Inspection Tee D60, DY741, PPS pcs 43.48
D89114 Single Inspection Tee D80, DY163, PPS pcs 45.38
764185 Single Inspection Tee D110, DY183, PPS pcs 30.25
D89115 Inspection Elbow single D80, DY877, PPS pcs 28.36
D89168 Inspection Elbow single D110, DY188, PPS pcs 54.83
764186 Air/flue gas vent with flashing D80, DY185, PPS pcs 73.73
764188 Air/flue gas vent with flashing D110, DY189, PPS pcs 81.30
D89116 Centering clamps D80 (2 pcs), DY151 set 9.45
764168 Centering clamps D110 (2 pcs), DY187 set 15.13
D89076 Flexible flue pipe D80, 12,5m, DY897, PPS pcs 234.44
764236 Flexible flue pipe D80, 50m, DY896, PPS pcs 847.00
764237 Flexible flue pipe D110, 15m, DY889, PPS pcs 406.48
764238 Flexible Flue pipe D110, 25м, DY890 pcs 656.05
D89080 Coupling component for flex pipe D80, DY898, PPS pcs 54.83
764239 Coupling component for flex pipe D110, DY891, PPS pcs 119.11
D89084 Inspection sleeve for flexible pipe D80, DY900, PPS pcs 119.11
764240 Inspection sleeve for flexible pipe D110, DY893, PPS pcs 132.34
764241 Insertion toll for flex pipe D80, DY901 pcs 153.14
764242 Insertion toll for flex pipe D110, DY894 pcs 223.09
764235 Air/flue gas vent with flashing D80, DY899, PPS, (Flex pipe) pcs 124.78
764243 Air/flue gas vent with flashing D110, DY892, PPS, (Flex Pipe) pcs 149.36
764233 Adapter Flex Flue Pipe D80, DY904, PPS pcs 34.03
764244 Adapter Flex Flue Pipe D110, DY905, PPS pcs 45.38
764245 Centering clamps for flexible pipe D110 (4 pcs), DY805 set 35.92
D89078 Centering clamps for flexible pipe D80 (2 pcs), DY618 set 34.03
764248 Condensate collector D80, DY919, PPS pcs 22.69
764251 Condensate collector D110, DY917, PPS pcs 51.05
764249 Vetelation screen interior, DY36 pcs 11.34
764250 Vetelation screen exterior, DY35 pcs 11.34
J9002941 Forse Flue Black end pipe D80, 500mm pcs 9.51