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Wall-hung gas condensing boilers EVODENS (3.4-161.6kW)

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Code   Product Pack. Unit Price EUR Img.
D89117 Condensing Boiler AMC 15 Evodens pcs 1960.88
D89118 Condensing Boiler AMC 25 pcs 2149.64
D89120 Condensing Boiler AMC 35 pcs 2284.00
D89130 Condensing Boiler AMC 25/28 BIC pcs 2733.56
D89300 Condensing boiler AMC 25/28 MI pcs 2126.11
D89121 Boiler AMC Pro 45 with Diematic Evolution pcs 2230.94
D89123 Boiler AMC Pro 65 with Diematic Evolution pcs 2739.52
D89127 Boiler AMC Pro 90 Diematic Evolution pcs 3718.86
D89128 Boiler AMC Pro 115 with Diematic Evolution pcs 4696.31
D89134 Boiler MCA Pro 160 Diematic Evolution pcs 6957.50
D89135 Boiler MCA Pro 160 IniControl 2 pcs 6806.25
957142 Water Heater SWK-120.A (S=1,0m2, V=111l) white KOSPEL pcs 364.26
957146 Water Heater SWK-140.A (S=1,1m2, V=134l) white KOSPEL pcs 370.54
D89133 Connecting set AMC+SWK-120 pcs 55.21
D89136 Connection kit AMCPro/C140 45/65/90/115, HC139 pcs 212.66
D89712 Hydraulic pipes cover AMC25/35(MI), HR42 pcs 37.72
D89713 Hydraulic pipes cover AMC25/28BIC, HR52 pcs 45.66
D89718 Hydraulic pipes cover AMC Pro, HC242 pcs 61.35
D89950 Domestic hot water sensor box, AD212 pcs 23.82
D89978 Three way valve - flow probe, AD199 pcs 25.80
D89906 External sensor FM46 pcs 9.92
D89980 PCB+sensor for 2-nd 3-way valve iSystem, AD249 pcs 67.47
D89458 DHW tank sensor, AD250 pcs 19.86
D89542 Modulating Wi-Fi room thermostat Smart TC°, AD324 pcs 206.08
D89472 Diematic VM Evolution, AD315, 2 heat loops 3P 230+DHW 2P 230V pcs 710.00
D89410 S-BUS Cascade cable 12m, (Diematic EVO) AD309 pcs 64.27
D89966 S-BUS Cascade cable (Diematic EVO) 1,5м, AD309 pcs 32.14
D89042 Getaway GTW08 L-BUS-MODBUS, AD332 pcs 190.95
D89386 Primary Pump UPML 25-105 PWM, JJ416 pcs 320.50
D89155 Flue Adapter PPS D80/125 (MCA/EGC), HR38 pcs 9.92
D89153 Adapter Flue Gas 2x100 AMC Pro 65/90/115, DY907 pcs 25.80
D89154 Adapter BI-flow PPS 2x80, DY868 pcs 17.86
D89902 Adapter Flue Gas 2x80 AMC Pro 45, DY906 pcs 15.88
D89148 Low Bend 60/100 ALU/PPS, JA43 pcs 55.21
D89242 Adepter D100/150 - D110/150, DY817 ALU/PPS pcs 61.54
D89150 Condensate collector D80/125, DY916, ALU/PPS pcs 39.70
D89157 Condensate Collector D110/150, DY918 pcs 83.82
D88830 Cleaning tool cent. exchanger, JA38 pcs 33.74
764060 Interface SCU-X03 in housing, S101477, HC258 pcs 106.33
764438 CLEANING DEVICE FOR MCA 90-115 (L=460MM) pcs 11.69
9099599 Hydraulic separator HW-Q 60/80 with insulation pcs 136.48
9099600 Hydraulic separator HW 80/120 with insulation pcs 213.18
9099601 Hydraulic separator HW 140/140 with insulation pcs 507.19
933860 Pump Unit GDA111 Direct pcs 281.91
933864 Pump Mixing Unit GRA111 ARA+VRG Dn25 pcs 451.51
933874 Manifold GMA421 pcs 213.83
933875 Manifold GMA431 pcs 260.60
933876 Manifold GMA441 pcs 328.66
933877 Manifold GMA451 pcs 410.48
933878 Manifold GMA521 INCL. SEPARATOR pcs 337.60
933880 Manifold GMA531 INCL. SEPARATOR pcs 439.37
D89132 Connection Kit AMC/C140+BP, EA121 pcs 226.97
D89144 Condensate Neutralization System P≤1300kW, with out pump pcs 681.31
D89146 Condensate Neutralization System >350kW, DU15 with pump pcs 985.56
D89529 Right Gas Valve 3/4", HC158 pcs 29.78
D89604 Cleaning toll centr. exvhanger (Naneo), HR81 pcs 15.88
D89716 DHW exchanger cleaning tool AMC, HR44 pcs 196.53