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Information - Water pumps, booster sets

The widest range of water pumps 

Author: Akvedukts

Ūdens sūkņi AkveduktsFor almost 30 years Akvedukts has been best known for its specialization in water pumps. Since the first days of the Company, we offer water pumps and heating pumps for both domestic and industrial use. Proven, standard-compliant and technically sophisticated pump manufacturers, knowledgeable sales staff and highly qualified service personnel provide a well-balanced offer directly to the customer and after-sales service during pump operation. We offer two large groups of pumps. One of them is water supply pumps - borehole pumps (deep well pumps), drainage pumps (for clean and dirty water), fire pumps and pump units, pressure booster pumps, pumps for swimming pools, fountains, monoblock pumps and centrifugal pumps for technical water supply. The second largest group of pumps are circulation pumps for heating and sanitary hot water systems.

In Akvedukts pump offerings you will find both tried and trusted brands and models of water pump manufacturers as well as new manufacturers and pump models with innovative solutions or specific product features. We fully understand the importance of the water pump as a technological device in any system, whether it is a water supply for a small garden plot or a cooling system for a serious production process. We pay particular attention to both the selection of a permanent range of water pumps and the selection of water pumps for specific individual customer requirements.

The effective operation and service life of any water or heating pump depends not only on the design solution of the pump, but also on the correct connection, correctly chosen diameters of pipelines with appropriate control and working fittings. Akvedukts provides a comprehensive proposal for the connection of water and heating systems both for private households and for public and industrial facilities.


Of course, most of the pump sets listed below are intended also for domestic use. However, under this name Akvedukts refers to all models of water pumps that can be placed above the water level (referred to as "dry pumps") and are intended to provide domestic and drinking water, or to boost the pressure in the existing water system. The group includes both individual pumps and booster sets - water pumps equipped with a pressure tank and a pressure switch for automatic operation of the water pump. The manual piston pump for lifting water from wells or cisterns is also a domestic water pump. Therefore, if you have a private household or water intake does not have the possibility of electricity supply and the suction height does not exceed 8 meters, look for your pump in this product group.


The word "commercial" in this section indicates that these pumps have a much higher capacity, pressure head, power or other parameters than domestic water pumps. They are also "dry pumps" because they are not placed in water, but receive it through a suction pipe. Horizontal and vertical water pumps, monoblock pumps (pump part is located in the electric motor axis and separated from the electric motor by seal), end-suction pumps with separated electric motor and other pump solutions for various water supply modes and applications - industrial water supply processes, cooling systems, fire-fighting pumps, booster pumps and other water pumps, intended for professional use, you can find in section "Industrial pumps". Also in this section are pumps designed for pumping viscous liquids, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, or in the food industry.


The name itself indicates that the pump is submerged or can be submerged in the liquid to be pumped. The pumped liquid can be drinking water, water with mechanical impurities or waste water, it only remains to choose the right pump model and operating parameters. In the Submersible pumps section, you will find submersible pumps used in private households for pumping water from basements or dirty water from sewage pits, as well as submersible pumps designed for industrial volumes for pumping drainage, sewage and waste water. Industrial submersible pumps have different design solutions providing pumping of large impurities or grinding of the pumped liquid by special cutting blades. Submersible pumps are usually designated by their purpose - drainage pumps, sewage pumps or fecal pumps, and so.


Deep well pumps are also fully submersible, but their design solution - "cigar-shaped" is specially designed for installation of these pumps in boreholes - deep wells or artesian wells, in which these pumps are suspended at a certain depth. In this section you can find deep- well pumps for household - domestic needs - for water supply of a private house, as well as for industrial needs - to provide industrial processes with water supply and water supply of settlements from deep wells. Cooling of the electric motor of deep well pumps is performed by water flowing past the electric motor to the suction screen of the pump. Deep well pumps can also be installed in tanks, pools and ponds, but it should be remembered that in this case the pump must be equipped with a special cooling jacket to ensure sufficient cooling of its electric motor. Also note that only deep well pumps with a special design allow the presence of mechanical particles in the pumped water.


Circulation pumps supply the same volume of liquid in a closed or open system, i.e. recirculation. The circulation pump is required both for heating systems, where the water cooled in radiators or underfloor heating is returned back to the heating boiler, and for recirculation of hot water in water supply systems with several consumers. Dimensions, housing material and technical solution of circulation pumps vary depending on the application and requirements for the mode of operation of these pumps. Akvedukts stocks only eco-design compliant circulators, i.e. energy efficient and smart pumps for both private homes and industrial applications.


This is a group of pumps that have been in the Akvedukts range for many years, whose main consumers are small commercial companies and farms, where pumping oil and diesel from one tank to another using cans and overflow tubes is not serious, but gas station level equipment is not required. Different voltage pumps for pumping diesel fuel and oil. Hand pumps for pumping oil directly from a 200-liter barrel. Metering devices of the pumped liquid for agricultural needs - all this you will find in this section of pumps.


Water pump with internal combustion engine, running on gasoline or diesel, will be a great helper for places where there is water, no electricity, but you need to supply or pump water in a relatively large volume. For watering gardens, irrigating fields, pumping water from ditches or cellars in case of floods in the absence of electricity. The scope of application of these water pumps is wide and in some cases their technological solution is indispensable.


Clean water can be kept long in the pool only if it is constantly cleaned. To clean such water, it must be fed to the purification filter in a certain amount and at certain intervals, and this work is done by special pumps for pool water filtration. Pool filter pumps differ in design and performance from other pumps. Filter pumps usually have a pre-filter or dirt basket in front of the pumping chamber, which traps the larger particles from the pool so they don't get into the pumping chamber and block it. These pumps have a higher capacity than water supply pumps because they have to deliver as much water from the pool to the filtering equipment as possible. On the other hand, the head of these pumps is only as high as necessary to deliver the water to the filter and through it back to the pool.


Theoretically, any pump can be used as a fountain pump, but in most cases this will not be an energy efficient solution. Fountains usually works a long time, so you should be careful about the power consumption when operating them. For fountain pumps, the amount of water required to create certain forms of water is important, and the pressure they require should not be more than to lift that volume of water to the required height, overcoming all the resistance to flow at the outlet of the water jet. Choosing a pump for a fountain, remember that paying less for the pump, you can happen to pay several times more for the electricity used to run the pump. Fountain pump designed to create a fountain, structurally will be different from the pump designed to provide an artificial cascade flow, operation of an artificial water stream or recirculation filtration systems of a decorative body of water - pond.


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